And It Was a Very Good Day


The long awaited surf finally arrived. Its been a long time between waves, but today Jason and I managed to get down to Cabarita near Tweed Heads for beautiful morning of waves.

It was offshore, about waist to head high and perfect. A smaller crowd would always be nice, but there were still enough waves to go around and we went home happy people.

The swell sounds like it is going to hang around and even get a little bigger so the next week should be cool. I feel like a thirsty man who just had a long drink!

4 thoughts on “And It Was a Very Good Day

  1. Nice work Hamo! There is nothing like a great surf after a long break… hope you get some more surf as you come down the east coast! If you’re in the Central Coast area give me a call!

  2. oooh, you’ve just made Mr X very homesick. This is the bech he grew up surfing on. I have it on good report that the bakery there sells great applecakes, which with a bottle of chocolate milk was the traditional post-surf snack….

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