10924 / 207431!


Its where I finished in the ‘Footy-tips’ league this year. They even gave me a certificate for being 10924th… with 117 correct tips.

What an honour…

To put it in perspective I actually won the SUWA tipping comp which was a subset of the bigger league. Given I couldn’t name half the clubs at the start of the year its not a bad effort.

If you see Kent Morgan remind him that he owes me a bottle of red for kicking his butt 🙂


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3 thoughts on “10924 / 207431!

  1. Why yes, I do! I think i averaged 5 tips per round for most of the season. The last few weeks i tipped in advance and that killed me! For two weeks i only tipped 3 correctly! My 8 was either 1) a God thing, or 2) an absolute fluke!

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