12 Months With An iPhone


I have had my iPhone for just over 12 months now. I know because when the volume button fell off I rang up to get it replaced and I was a week too late… oops…

This really is one impressive little tool and I thought I’d highlight what I like about it as well as what I don’t

The Good

Diversity – I use mine for everything from email, to personal finances, to playing scrabble

Wifi/Net – Great to be able to have access almost anywhere anytime

Screen – great size and visibility

Synching – I synch with Outlook, Google Calendar and Dropbox and it does a great job

App Store – there is such a diverse range of apps for almost every imaginable need. (I just downloaded a ‘Vehicle Log’ app for recording my business kms for tax purposes).

The Bad

Camera – the quality is crappy

Itunes – I don’t think its very simple to use

The Case – my case has cracks and crazing all thru it. I don’t think it will be a problem getting another 12 months out of it, but it doesn’t look good – and that’s with a full case over it for the whole time

Battery life – it’d be great to have about 3 times the battery life…

My Most Used Apps


– a blog newsreader. I read most of my feeds on the phone now

Notes – I use this nearly everyday and it syncs with Outlook. I usually write ideas or do quotes with it.

Maps – I use it nearly every day to find customers homes. It was great when we were travelling as the GPS was sometimes out of date.

Coastalwatch – surf reports, with video and still images. Great for daydreaming…

Facebook – works well and saves me booting up the laptop

CashTrails – we are currently tracking our spending and income. This is a brilliant little tool for that.

Pocket Weather – great weather reports with rain radar and synoptic charts

AutoStitch – good tool for creating panoramic photos

Around me – this has been a life saver at time. Where is the nearest Bunnings?… Ask the phone…

IceTV – a local TV guide on my phone so I don’t need to get Saturday’s paper now

GPS Sport – great for tracking where you have been. When I delivery retic flyers it shows me where I have been and how far I have walked. I’m sure its much more use to bushwalkers. You can use it to chart where you parked your car if you are worried you might get lost!

Scrabble – fun on the ‘normal’ setting, but I always get my butt kicked when I try to play against the phone on ‘hard’ setting.

Dropbox – a great way to synch hard drive with phone for essential items

Its a pretty damn sophisticated little piece of equipment and if you are willing to take the time to learn how it works it can be very very useful. i just hope I don’t ever lose it now!

I have been known to make the odd phone call on it too…)

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