15 Years…


We are off to Melbourne tomorrow until Sunday. It is our 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday and we thought a great celebration would be in order.

So the ‘outlaws’ have the kids and we have two tickets to chilly Melbourne.

We will be catching the 5.50am plane – which means leaving home at 4.00 (so I will miss TSK’s party!) We are having dinner with Neil Cole and the Forge Vic team tomorrow night and then going to the Postcards event. On Thursday morning I will be taking a session at the conference, sharing what we have learnt since moving to Brighton.

Apart from that it’ll be wine, woman and partying!

If you’re wondering why I am speaking at a conference while on holidays its because I will enjoy it. I no longer subscribe to the view that you can’t do anything ‘ministry related’ while on holidays – or hang out with ‘ministry people’. If that’ s what you want to do (and need to do) then do it. But as my own life has become more seamless, I have become increasingly comfortable with mixing stuff up as I want to. I think the key is that for me, I will enjoy it. It will be fun!

And yes Danelle is fine with it. She probably won’t wake until I get home!

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