2 out of 3 = 4

Yesterday I hit the water for the first time in 5 weeks – way too long.

1. The weather was perfect – 23 degrees and offshore

2. I had scheduled a day off – no work… and…

3. Well… the only problem was that everyone else was working… so I had to go alone.

2 out of 3 aint bad as Meatloaf would say.

I launched the boat at Ocean Reef and headed out to three mile reef, but with a dodgy anchor and unpredictable swells I decided that it was dumb place to be on my own. I cruised on down to Little Island near Hilary’s and anchored in the sand there.

Out the back were some guys getting some decent right handers – bugger – almost loaded the surfboard…

I sat and waited for a bite, just happy to be out in the ocean again after so long.

Eventually one came – a nice looking King George Whiting… I’d never caught one of those before and had heard they are top eating. I was pretty stoked. (When you are the world’s worst fisherman anything decent is a bonus.)

The next hour produced 3 more big King George. I couldn’t believe my luck. So I went home with a very decent feed. And – yes – they are very very nice eating!

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