Just to Clarify

Yesterday I posted ‘the party’s over’ to let you know that things will be scaled down somewhat on this site.

As one who loves writing ‘the party’ is not completely over, as I will always want to slip my two bobs worth in on relevant issues. So its not the end of the road – just a decrease in output based on my shrinking free time!

Thanks to those who have commented and emailed me on this post. Its always nice to know that someone reads this stuff and its not just me blabbing into cyberspace.download barbie in the 12 dancing princesses dvdrip

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Anglicans – “Sunday is Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest!”

It seems we are not the only nutbags in the church!

Followng on the heels of the Brits, West Oz Anglicans are also considering some shifts in the way they do church. Here

is an abbreviated version of what appeared in the West Australian today.

The newspaper version says they are seeking to create a ‘voluntary’ church rather than a ‘hereditary’ church. and the administrator of the Diocese of Perth David Murray said he could “foresee a future where there would be no such thing as a traditional Sunday service.”

ang.jpg However it also says they are seeking to do new things to attract people to their services. What I keep seeing is that it is a humungous shift to move people away from being attractional to being genuinely incarnational.

Good on em for recognising that the ship is sinking and its time to get serious with new ideas.

By contrast the Roman Catholics are saying that ‘the sabbath’ is the day when church happens and if you don’t like it then too bad.

I get excited at smelling change in the wind – at this stage its just talk, but who knows what might happen. You don’t have to be a top notch social researcher to realise that people are no longer coming to church and that we need to radically re-calibrate what we are doing.

Time for good theology and common sense to replace tradition and control structures I’d say…

Party’s Over!

From here on in I imagine you will be hearing less from me on this site.

I have enjoyed the experience of sharing my thoughts and reflections for the last 9 months, but now that my various work commitments have increased I expect to have less time to spend waffling on here!

As a person who loves writing I doubt I will stop posting regularly, but in my own head I am making the choice to drop blogging much lower on my list of daily priorities.

I initially started blogging as a way of helping our friends keep track of the journey we are on as a missionary team. But as I have moved into the Brighton area I have noticed that I am more and more reticent to say anything about my neighbours or those we hang out with. It is more often than not inappropriate and I don’t want to write stuff that will damage relationships or that I will regret.

I’m not sure where it’s all heading, but I do know that change is coming!winter of frozen dreams download free proximity dvdrip download

Meeting of The Pigs!

Today I met up with the other pigs”


Let me explain – ever heard the analogy of what the pigs and chickens give to the breakfast table?

The chickens give eggs, but the pigs give their bacon. The chicken’s contribution isn’t costly to them much but the pigs are prepared to put their butts on the line.

The Forge National Team is for those who are prepared to give their bacon to the cause!

It was great to hang with the guys even if most of the day was spent in working thru policy stuff. What we noticed is that currently our team is almost all male and predominantly in our 30’s and 40’s. Hopefully in time we will see some younger and female leaders come thru to join us and lead Forge into the future.

Veg Time

Tonight I am at Darren’s place just relaxing after having had dinner with some of his church and then visited some other friends who are part of a cafe church. Its always good to meet the people you hear about. Darren and I have hooked up before, but I hadn’t met his wife or any of the church group.

Clare proved that it is possible to cook a decent vegetarian meal and in that I was very impressed! They were a great bunch of people and all very welcoming.

Darren tells you more of what we did here.

However three hours is a big time difference across a country! Its 11.35 Vic time, but only 8.30 West Oz time.

As I’m heading back on Thursday night I think I will try and keep my body on West Oz time to avoid another big adjustment!

Not Rocket Science!

Recently I met with a leading theological college lecturer and I was sharing with him some of what we are doing in Brighton. He listened for a while and then said “it’s not that weird or different really – is it? It’s actually fairly simple and basic”” I completely agreed with him – it is simple, straightforward and mostly common sense!

So I then found I was asking myself what are our distinctives? What is it that defines who we are?

Here are a couple of thoughts

1. Perhaps the most crucial defining factor is that we are seeing ourselves primarily as a missionary team rather than as a gathered community. That said, of course we do gather as a community, but this is because missionary teams need to gather to nurture and support one another and to learn together.

Conceiving of yourself as a missionary team means that we are primarily there to engage in mission and whatever else emerges is because we need to sustain ourselves in that mission. I sense that most ‘church plants’ actually begin as Sunday service plants with the hope that as people do evangelism people will come to the Sunday service and it will grow.

2. We currently have very little structure and programs and we intend to remain as light as possible in this regard, at the same recognising that everything needs some level of structure. It means we have little organisational stuff to sustain and we can avoid getting bogged down in the all consuming ‘meeting monster’ that so often is church life. Most of us remember when our lives were so entangled with the church that we never had time to meet those outside our programs and activities – usually the people we lived next door to! Now the focus is on spending time with neighbours and local people in everyday settings – barbecues, fishing, house finishing etc.

There are probably other defining marks, but right now these two are the most significant for me.

Our sense of identity as a community will strongly shape who we become – see ourselves as a gathered community and that will consume our time, focus and energy – see ourselves as a missionary team and mission will be our primary agenda.

As for me” I am as happy as a pig in mud! Lately I’ve been spending lots of time with people I never would have encountered as a busy pastoral team leader of a larger church. The evangelist in me comes alive to the movement of the spirit in these new relationships and the apostolic side of me is buzzing with the excitement of developing teams, seeing a big picture and creating something new.

Can you tell that I feel like one of the most privileged people on earth?!

Farewell Queen Mary… Hello ‘The Kingswood’!

Last week I was out at the local grocery shop and saw an add on the notice board for a boat that sounded too good to be true. (You may be aware that I bought a small dinghy – The Queen Mary – only 3 months ago)

boat.jpg I am always wary of these types of scenarios (too good to be true usually is just that) But I decided to have a look… The guy lived around the corner so it was a quick stop in. I expected to see an aging hulk with faded paint and lots of dings. But I was very surprised at what I saw – an older boat but completely re-done thru out.

We talked and he even dropped his price from $5500 to $5100…

This meant it was $1600 more expensive than the Queen Mary and a hell of a bigger/safer/more versatile boat. Danelle and I talked and after much thought agreed we couldn’t put it in the back yard as it was too much of an eyesore… so we agreed to pass it up.

Until… later that same morning we went to visit friends with a beach house in the same area – a place they only live in for 10 weeks of the year. The short story is they agreed to let us keep it there and we took a risk and bought it.


So its farewell Queen Mary (anyone want to buy a great little dinghy??!!) and hello ‘The Kingswood’. In case you’re wondering why ‘The Kingswood’ its because a classic older Australian car was the Kingswood – not always that pretty, but robust, solid and almost indestructible!

This boat has a Kingswood kind of vibe!

Big Week

Tomorrow will be a cruisy day but come Tuesday I head to Melbourne for 3 days to be part of the Forge national gathering – a meeting of the reps from the various states.

Darren will be putting me up – thanks mate! And I’ll be able to hang with his crew at Living room on Tuesday night.

Then Wednesday and Thursday is meeting time – hopefully very inspirational, but potentially a bit of admin stuff to chew thru as well.

Friday is my first day back at school as a teacher (a student free day – yeeha!) Real life is hitting…