The Difference

The big difference between a shitty day of being a pastor/missionary and a shitty day of being a teacher is that when I’m a pastor/missionary I don’t think about finding another job.

I love this work and its my calling to a tee. I am teacher by neccessity now.

When the paper comes out tomorrow I’ll be looking thru the positions vacant section!

I probably won’t find anything, and I may not bother to apply even if I do, but I have had one of those days that causes me to wonder ‘are there easier ways to earn a living?…’

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The Bride Wore Grey

Anyone feel game to define marriage biblically and culturally?

I reckon this is one of the big questions we face as the church in an era where cohabitation is the norm.

If two people who don’t call themselves Christians live together in a committed monogamous relationship with a view to being together for ever are they married?

Our law says yes (split up and you pay maintenance / divide the assets! etc) It would seem the scriptures would say yes to that too. It fits the biblical description of marriage. So… that’s all that is needed…

Feel comfortable with that?

No?… me neither.

Is it just my upbringing or is there something that a public ceremony brings that makes a marriage ‘more’ valid?

I know we have spoken of welcoming co-habiting couple into the church and allowing God to change them(belonging/believing/behaving yada yada yada…) but … what if they didn’t change? Or what if one of our young church couples decided they would cohabitate rather than marry?

Would we let them?

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Third with a Wheelbarrow

Last night Danelle and I went to the Brighton footy club quiz night with 6 of our neighbours.

I have to be honest to not holding a lot of hope for our success!

But by the end of the night we had come third and won a bottle of wine each and I somehow fluked the door prize which was a huge heavy duty wheelbarrow and shovel.

As well as a lot of fun with the crew it was a pretty productive night for the $10.00 investment!

Now I just have to use the wheelbarrow!

Could I Go Back?

As I write this our team is meeting.

I am obviously not there – still feeling very headachey and vague.

Its hard because I love what we are doing here and love to be involved.

When people talk with me about Brighton they often ask ‘could you ever go back to an established church?’

My answer – of course!

I think its important that while we advocate a different way we don’t set ourselves up as the only way. I believe strongly in the principles that undergird the missional church and if I ever went back I wouldn’t stop being the person I am today.

But maybe it will happen…

If I have learnt anything I have learnt not to predict where God leads. He knows what he is doing – of that I am convinced.



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I’m not sure what’s going on.

I have had a shocking headache and mildy sore throat for the last three days. I feel pretty miserable, grumpy and not like hanging around anyone.

Its a real bummer though because today was one of those sensational autumn days – 26 degrees – all day easterlies and sunshine – and I spent most of it inside watching TV, reading and feeling crappy. I also had a good friend come up from Lesmurdie and I found it hard to chat with her because of my lame brain. Ecch!

As well as that its the last few days of school holidays and I was hoping to take a complete break from work and chill out – but this has made it a bit difficult.

We have a team meeting tomorrow night – my brain is so fuzzy I don’t think I could lead a group in silent prayer at the moment!

I have some stuff I am really chewing thru in relation to things ’emerging’ and what happens when this ‘edgy’ movement becomes the next flavour of the month – which I sense in time will happen.

Anyway – Whinge over – as you were.

Sabbath Spaces?

It used to be Thursday.

Now its… good question…

In my previous role as a pastor of a church I knew that Thursdays I would not go to the office, not hang out with most church people and spend the time doing relaxing things that I didn’t have time for at other points in the week. Usually it meant leaving the hills and going surfing, visiting family, friends and eating out.

People didn’t ring on Thursdays and I rarely if ever worked on a Thursday.

In this new setting I don’t have a set day off. In fact I just don’t have a day off at all. Sometimes that disturbs me because I do see the sabbath principle as essential – but how do you distinguish between work and play when in this environment?

If I go fishing or surfing with someone from the community is that work or recreation?.. Or both?… If we have people round to dinner is that work or friendship?… Or both?… If I try to take Saturday as a day off does that mean I shouldn’t hang around people who might be ‘work’?

There are many blurry lines in this setting and for the most part I’m ok with it as I’m not feeling run down or too busy. But some days I do feel like we need to get away from it all. Some days I feel like we need to just get away as the four of us with no one else around.

We got asked to go on holidays with some neighbours recently – great – we love the people and would have a great time!

But when you’re a missionary where does work and play separate? Do they need to?

How do you create sabbath spaces?