Here and There

As of today this blog will be given minimal attention for the next two weeks.

We are off to the south west, partly to have a holiday and partly to do some coaching of the rural youth pastors.

We will be in Margaret River until Friday when we shift across to Katanning until Monday and the we’ll finish up by heading down to Albany. We got the Margaret river accomodation very cheap because the owner asked us if we’d keep an eye on the schoolies in the other house on the same property! So in exchange for a cheap break we just need to make sure the kids behave themselves.

I just figure if they want to party long and hard until the early hours, we can let two small children loose in the back yard at 6.00am to make a hell of a racket…

The Rev Comes to Town (Again)

Tonight is another of Forge WA ‘Postcards’ evenings and this time we welcome back John Jensen who will be talking with us around the subject of ‘Just What is mission?’

If you know the Rev you’d know he’s engaging, provocative and has a great sense of humour.

Here are the details :

Date: Fri Nov 25th (tonight)

Venue: Warehouse Café – Onslow Rd Shenton Park

Time: 7.30pm

Cost: Offering – We’re not charging an ‘entry fee’ but will take an offering to directly support John’s work in Melbourne. There will also be coffees and cakes on sale.

If you want more details, get in touch on this or give me a call.

I was chatting with Phil Baker yesterday who let me know John will be playing a part in the PM service at Riverview this week also. Hows that for versatility! ‘Emerging missional church’ on Friday and megachurch on Sunday…


Barro is a top bloke doing the same kind of stuff as us only in the badlands (Melbourne)

I met up with Steve at the Forge Dangerous Stories conference earlier in the year and connected really well. An earthy Oz bloke who is doing a great job in his local community.

Morphing Again

The beauty of what we are doing here in Brighton is that it is a constant work in progress – always open to change and re-directing as we see the need.

When we met last night we were discussing how we reshape ourselves again so others can join in more fully if they wish. Earlier this year we experimented with fortnightly open gatherings, but for various reasons they flopped – I think the primary one was that none of our friends were really that interested in being part of any kind of church setting. Fair enough.

In ending those Sunday gatherings we returned to a Monday night gathering weekly for our team members and began a lunch in the local park – a simple community meal. However we are aware that there may be one or two people out there who may be interested in connecting with what we do in a more significant way – who may want to be part of the discipleship processes we engage with as a team.

So its time to morph again.

As of last night we no longer have ‘team only’ meetings on a Monday night. We aren’t changing anything of what we do, but we are saying that if we come across people who are seeking a more significant connection with God and with our community then they are welcome to join us.

We have never made any bones about the fact that we are not at all interested in chasing down people who already attend church and getting them to switch to our gig. Its not that we don’t ‘want them’ as such, but rather we see it as our mission to connect with those who are seeking a connection with God, but are not interested in a typical church setting. We are also unlikely to appeal to many churched folks who want the familiarity of singing, sermons and various programs (and we aren’t about to change to accomodate any of that).

What’s it mean practically?

Actually, not a heap changes. We keep on doing what we are doing and if people want to join us they can. We won’t be advertising, designing a sign or seeking a building. With no public presence we reckon people will only come as they are invited by someone already in the group. This is intentional – to avoid collecting church hoppers.

Assuming that at some point we get too big for a home we will simply multiply and create two groups in different homes.

What happens on a Monday night?

– we share a meal together at 6.30

– we do stuff with the kids between 7.15 and 7.45 and the put them into bed

– we have some kind of worship/prayer activity

– we engage with the Bible and with each other – usually in some form or interactive learning

It aint rocket science.

What we have is a great bunch of people who love each other, enjoy each other’s company and who are committed to becoming more like Jesus in how they live every day.

If you live in Brighton and aren’t currently involved with a Christian community, but would like to be, then you are welcome to get in touch and join with us.

Doing It

There is a lot of talk in blog-land about new expressions of church and mission. Sometimes this catalyses to action and other times it simply spirals into navel gazing and pontificating.

It is now official that ‘something is up’ in Joondalup. Scott, Matt and crew have been meeting this year and exploring missional community. Now it seems they are ready to take another step.

You can read about what they intend here. Its too long for me to try and describe!

Scott is a good mate and its great to be able to see these guys kicking along and putting something on the road in a more intentional form. Its also great that it has received the blessing of the mother church and that these guys will be sharing learning with them.

It will be interesting to see things take shape and grow and develop. Who knows where it will go or what will emerge?l a story movie

Kids of the Year?…

Mrs Citizen of the year has taken off for the day running a scrapbooking workshop, so I am left home with the two delightful children.

Yes… I was being a little sarcastic.

We’ve been to MacDonalds for breakfast and the local RAAFA fete and now they are watching a video. I have just broken up a fight.

One part of the conversation went like this:

‘Ellie did you hit Sam?’


‘Tell me the truth’

‘I didn’t’

‘Tell me the truth’

‘Ok. I told you that truth. Now I am going to tell you the other truth.’

Did she hit Sam?…

conversation the download


Yesterday was the annual Brighton Celebration Day and my lovely wife received her award for being ‘Citizen of the Year’.

Couldn’t think of a better winner!

Thanks to those very special friends round here who have seen what Danelle does and appreciated it. She is an amazing woman and rarely if ever recognised. I know it genuinely never bothers her, but I also know that receiving this award is really significant for her.

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Understanding Willard

I am reading The Divine Conspiracy for the fourth time.

Its not that I enjoyed it so much the first three – but rather that I never got past the first 50 pages each time. I just couldn’t get what he was on about. I would read… read…. daydream… daydream… and then give up. I came to the conclusion that Willard was boring or I was really dumb.

My last attempt at this book was 2 or 3 years ago, just before we began this adventure here in Brighton. It still didn’t make sense.

Two nights ago I began again and in one sitting read and understood 100 pages. I couldn’t believe it!! Either Willard was no longer boring or I was no longer dumb…


What I believe is more likely the case, is that my experience over the last few years has put me in a place to understand the ‘gospel of the kingdom’, rather than the ‘gospel of sin management’ I had been part of for all my life. I think I didn’t ‘get’ Willard the first few times because I just didn’t understand the significance of what he was saying about the kingdom of God and how the gospel we communicate must focus on this rather than ‘eternal life when you die’.

As we have moved into missionary mode the gospel of the kingdom has become our gospel more and more and the ‘heaven when you die’ – while still a part of it – has ceased to be the dominant focus. It actually makes sense to me. Big sense.

In fact I am somewhat astounded at how I was unable to comprehend Willard before hand. It is a constant reminder against any kind of intellectual/theological arrogance. To think you hold the whole truth on an issue is a dangerous thing, not because truth changes, but because we can only look thru the lenses we have been provided with.

So, I think I now understand Willard because my own experience has shifted sufficiently to help me. The stuff he speaks about is not a foreign language any more. What bothers me is that it took me this long to really comprehend.

How much more do I think I know and actually have no clue about?

TSK’s Cuzz’s Kick Ass Bible

My old kiwi friend is recommending a Bible developed by a distant relative. He reckons its a ‘kick ass Bible’!

Here’s some stuff about the it

“The NET BIBLE is the first modern Bible to:

The first to be completely free for you to download completely (download the whole Bible and 60,932 notes)

The first to offer you a “Minstry First” copyright approach

To first to offer you insights into the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts to enrich your study of God’s Word like never before . . . .

The NET BIBLE …® is breaking traditional barriers to do “ministry first”

Worth a look I reckon