Tomorrow morning sees the start of our first WA Forge Intensive for 2006. Hirschy got in tonight, so we’ve been catching up and I’m just finishing some of my own welcome/intro session and ‘End of the World As We know it’ session

Its gonna be a busy week both running the intensive and doing some presenting!

If you’re keen to come along and haven’t registered then you can still do so thru SU. Call Kent on 94435500.

Or if you are likely to be a casual attender then we will simply take an offering to help with expenses. That way if you’re struggling financially you can still come and if you’re doing well then you can look after those who are in need.

All we ask is be generous!

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Reef Blues

A pair of reef shoes would have been real nice today!

With a light offshore and 38 degrees forecast, Mick and I headed up to the Alkimos at 9 AM for some waves.

It was one of those magic days you dream of. Perfect surf and the only two guys out paddled in as I went out.

Wave 1: Lefthander – ooops… where did that reef come from?! I have never landed on the reef out there, but today I did and my shredded feet are the evidence. Low tide… Ouch.

Wave 2: Lefthander – careful of that reef! Kicked out and felt my board flying further than my legrope would normally allow it to. A snapped leg rope… Or maybe it was cut on the reef. I dunno, but from there it was time to head in and spend the rest of the day snorkelling.

A beautiful day – shame about that reef!

When Middle Classness Sux

“You see when you are middle class you have to live with the fact that history will ignore you. You have to live with the fact that history will never champion your causes and that history will never feel sorry for you. It is the price to be paid for day to day comfort and silence. And because of this all happinesses are sterile: all sadnesses go unpitied”

D Coupland in Generation X

With security, comfort and stability as prime values its no wonder history will ignore us. God help us to live beyond the banal tepid futility of middle class ness.


Lately at our Upstream gatherings I’ve been experimenting a bit with some different ideas.

I usually like experimentation after the event, but find it stressful before and during it, wondering if it will work out!

Last week’s ‘experiment’ was a relational map, tracking the connections we have made since coming to Brighton.

The idea was simple. We write the names of the 6 team families on the paper and then around them they list the people they know and who are primarily in their worlds. From there we drew a black line to indicate an acquaintance, a brown to show friends and a red to show close friends. It showed us the huge number of people we have got to know in the last two years, and also caused us to think about the nature of those relationships. We obviously can’t be ‘friends’ with everyone, but it did cause us to reflect on where relationships were at and where they are headed.

It also showed where we are connecting with one another’s friends and developing a stronger community network.

Then tonight it was time to try something new again…

As a long term Baptist ,’Lent’ refers to what I do with books, nothing else. But this year I have been feeling like God wants us to have a look at this whole deal and engage with it – to pick up more on the Christian year. It really is a new experience for almost all of us to make some of these traditions a part of our experience.

But there’s no time like the present to get started…

So with google as my guide I began reading up on Lent. Yep – I didn’t know much at all!

As we met tonight and I suggested we take the Lent period seriously I was a bit nervous because I was trying to introduce people to something I knew precious little about. Here I am trying to explain Lent and am only half a step ahead of everyone else…

However with the help of google and Andrew Dowsett we made tonight our Ash Wednesday and practiced the marking of the cross in ash on the forehead as we read scripture and reflected on some appropriate music.

I think it was a good start to the Lent period and we have agreed together to make this a signifcant time as we look to embrace the focus of Lent and the call to repentance and humilty. We have agreed as a team to choose something to abstain from and we will be seeking to experience the Lent aspect of Easter rather than just the Friday and Sunday.

Yes, it did feel a little odd marking a cross in ash on someone’s forehead, (doesn’t everything when it is new) but I imagine that for many of us it was significant to be reminded of our humanity and impermanence in a tangible way, as well as to be pointed to the cross and the hope for our brokenness and frailty.

I actually get the impression we have lots to learn here as we walk a new path again.

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Rachel Sells Her Soul

I love that episode of the Simpsons where Bart sells his soul to Millhouse for $5.00 and then regrets it. Well… my good friend and our ex Forge team member, Rachel Barr has sold her soul to the coffee devil!!

Hard to believe it could happen to someone you know… but photos don’t lie!

Funnily enough I was down at the local Gloria Jeans today for a coaching appointment and I actually watched one of the staff members sitting on a break having a coffee and throwing sugar caches across the cafe at the other staff who were serving behind the counter. Unbelievable…

I actually quite like GJ’s coffee but I’m not up for a place where staff behave like 9 year old boys on red cordial!

What I love about Gloria’s is how they ask your first name. Am I just evil, or is it genuinely funny to each time come up with a different and completely absurd name?

If we’re going to be friends, then sure, you can have my first name. But don’t be surprised if its Boris, Mohammed, Guiseppi…

If anyone can make GJ’s a goer then Rach will the woman! She is one of those rare talents with great people skills, a highly organised mind and an amazing creative streak. (Bring her back to West Oz Michael!!)

Mother in Law Fun

This morning I went and helped out in pre-schoolfrom 8.30-12.00. It was great fun seeing Ellie’s class and spending time with the kids and staff.

The focus for the day was ‘families’ and my job was to help kids draw their families and then write their names. Not hard for most, but for one little girl whose brothers are Ezekiel, Malachi and Zion it was lucky I was there! Reckon they might be religious folks?…

When I came home I thought I was coming to an empty house. I let the dogs in, made myself a coffee and was catching up on email when I heard this rustling in the kitchen – probably my dad’s dog scavenging in the bin again.

“Get out of it you scabby mongrel!” I yell.

A voice yells back – not a dog – but more like a mother in law…

“Did you know I’m home Andrew?”

Val had been changing the plastic bag in the bin…

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Is there anybody out there!?

Its Saturday night at the end of another long day – a wedding out in Jarrahdale (90 min drive from here) followed by a 30th birthday party for my sister in law at Pancho’s Mexican in Vic Park. The wedding was very nice, but it was warm in Jarrahdale so we left feeling tired.

The birthday party… the less I say the better. 12 tired children in a cramped noisy room… we were just glad to get out of there.

Tonight I have texted 8 or 9 people to see if I can get a taker for a surf tomorrow or even a fish, but everyone is busy or not replying.

So if you’re up for a morning on the water tomorrow then drop me a comment and I’ll meet you at Mindarie Marina at 9ish tomorrow!


Tuesday this week was 41 degrees C – the only 40+ day this summer!

It was a day when I had no appointments and was able to get out in the water with Drew for a dive, fish & surf. As we shot out of Mindarie marina we were greeted by a pretty hot and strong northerly wind – not looking good for our intended surf at the Alkimos. I almost didn’t make the trip up and was about to suggest we just dive and fish at the first reef. But… we kept going.

When we got the Alkimos it was messy and there were 4 blokes not catching much at all. It didn’t look very appealing, so we scooted back to the inner reef and went snorkelling. While down there we spied a few fish which we then proceeded to try and catch. After 40 mins of fishing (and a little success) the wind had dropped and the surf was looking very nice. Two of the guys had gone home so we headed back over to almost perfect small waves and spent the next hour or so enjoying it.

There was virtually no surf around the city that day, but Alkimos is a swell magnet and works on the smallest of small swells. As an old surfer I only surf relatively small stuff now, so with the biggest being head high it was just right.

Another day to be very thankful for!