Hangman with Sam

Driving to granny’s today Sam wants to play hangman. No one wants to play with him. I feel for the poor little bloke so I offer to guess his ‘word’.

S: Ok – go dad!

H: S?

S: Wow – well done!

H: A

S: What? How did you know that!!!?”

H: M

S: Wow!! Wanna try again?

H: Ok… M?

S: What the?! (He is amazed at how smart his dad is…)

H: U

S: What?!

H: M

S: (To Danelle) How does he know these things????!!!!

H: Wanna go again?…

S: Ok this one’s hard. It has 5 letters

H: E

S: No!


S: You’re crazy mate

H: L

S: Aw…

H: I

S: silence

H: E

S: What?! How does he do it mum?!!

Sam if you ever read this the fact that you can only spell 4 words gave me a rather large advantage over you!download deliverance movie chinese kamasutra kamasutra cinese divx download

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Just the Two of Us

Today we dropped Ellie, Sam & Winston at Granny & Grandad’s for the weekend.


The feeling of lightness driving home is totally amazing!

No kids – no dog…

Just us for 2 whole days!!

Anyway – excuse me as I get a little overexcited…

We have tonight alone and then tomorrow we drive to Busso because I am speaking at the CoC on Sunday. We were supposed to be camping out but the rain made us change plans.

No point getting wet if you don’t have to.

So tonight Danelle and I are going to start watching ‘Underbelly’ the story of the Melbourne gangland murders. I have heard it is quite romantic… Maybe we have been married too long…download planes trains automobiles divx

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Question for Tech Heads

I think I have exhausted all avenues so here’s a question for the geeks out there!

About a week ago I got the iphone and stopped using my E65, but since then neither the iphone or the E65 have been able to download data on my wireless connection.

The iphone shows it is connected, but won’t download and the E65 (which used to connect easily to the wifi) now shows that it is connected but also won’t transfer data. So I have lost the connection I once had on the E65 and have never been able to establish it with the new iphone.

My ISP don’t want to talk to me and the nice people at iphone don’t want to talk either… The ISP don’t support iphones and the Iphone people don’t deal with individual ISP issues.

What’s weird is:

– my laptop & Danelle’s computer still connects easily

– the iphone connects to other wifi networks with no problems

– the iphone downloads on 3G – when we are within range

I have played around with every setting I can think of, but to no avail.

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finally gets his new iphone I want to do a test and see if his connects on my network. Although I’m not altogether sure what that would determine…

I am yet to determine if its the phone, the router or something else.

We have a PPPoE connection thru a cable service (e-wire) and I am wondering if it has something to do with the ‘PPPoE’ thing?

I like solving these puzzles, but after googling every possible forum I’m pretty much done…

Come on tech-heads – who has an answer!!

International Medical Corps

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Lots On

Lots on at the moment.

Between Forge WA, Forge National, various speaking engagements and a heap of reticulation work I seem to be in the midst of a busy period.

So I am not ignoring the conversation i started recently regarding how we shape out theology, but I am struggling to find headspace to engage properly with it. I don’t like it when others start conversations and then appear to walk away, but currently my brain is feeling weary.

Somehow I have also buggered up my back and barely got thru digging the 80m of trenches I had to today. Hopefully it will ease off soon because another day like today would not be fun.third man the download free

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iPhone iMpressions

After playing around with Phil’s

iPhone last week and finding it intriguing, I thought I’d explore getting one. The cost of changing over came to a grand $50.00… so as one who likes to explore new things I lauched out and upgraded on my current plan.

So now I have an iPhone…

I am not an apple junkie, but thought it time I had a look at least.

So far after 3 days here are my thoughts.

* It does look nice and it ‘feels’ good, but then so do plenty of other phones out there.

* I like the display and the quality of image it gives.

* No video camera is not a big deal, but still a bit dumb.

* I find the connectivity pretty ordinary. I got great net reception with my E65, but this one loses the 3G signal regularly and seems to be very slow to pick up and respond to our wireless signal. Not very impressed there. I have been told (by tech support) I need to switch off 3G when around a wireless signal as it makes it hard for the phone to know where to connect. Sounds like a ‘dumb-phone’ to me.

* On that I missed two calls today while at home because the phone lost the signal. My other phone never did that and it is the same carrier… weird or dodgy?

* I discovered ‘apps’ last night and that was fun. There are heaps of very cool and interesting things to waste heaps of time on! Quite impressed with that aspect of things. Now I have a spirit level on my phone…

* The much talked about battery life is definitely an issue. It is SHIT! I am lucky to get a day out of it and that is with the upgraded OS. Its a major reason to think twice I reckon.

* I thought it would have allowed you to store all sorts of files eg word, pdf etc, but it seems to be a media player and not much more. I thought I could store a bunch of docs and PPs and access them anytime but maybe not. 16Gigs will take a while to fill…

* The gps thru google is pretty cool and some of the similar apps are also pretty handy. Great to play with on the train when you are bored.

* My kids like this phone much better – in fact they are playing with it now… a good, but very expensive toy!

* I couldn’t see an app like ‘sailing clicker’ (for controlling powerpoint shows remotely) – which I guess there won’t be until Apple upgrades their bluetooth system.

* I am told they don’t scratch easily, but I’m guessing that if I keep it I will get a case of some kind as well as some accessories to keep it charged up.

Given they sell in ebay for around $900.00 I am not too worried. Its got another week to prove itself before it gets listed!

Oh – and with regards to how it functions as a phone?… Not bad but nothing amazing either.

Sorry I am less impressed than I should be Apple junkies. Maybe you can show me where I am missing something?

It feels a little like when a movie built up to be something amazing, but when you actually get to see it, you find it ok, but not much more…

How have others found it?…

Anyone else re-considering?


How long do you reckon it will be before homosexuality will be completely acceptable to the church? By homosexuality I mean practice of same sex relationships – even same sex marriage.

Whatever your views on this issue – and mine are pretty conservative – I believe it is only a matter of time before we see a major shift in how we view this issue.

I was reflecting last night on how we have shifted in our stance on the issue of divorce in the last 30 years. We went from a church where divorce was totally unacceptable and divorcees were ‘unwelcome’ to a place where the opinion on divorce ranges from ‘oh well’ to ‘still wrong, but sometimes the only way’.

I doubt there would be too many mainstream churches that would have a similar view on divorce to what they do on homosexuality. Yet as I read the Bible divorce is spoken of in numerous places as wrong – possibly even more blatantly than homosexuality. What’s with the way we make these decisions?!

What was the impetus for the shift in our view of divorce?

I tend to think it came from the increasing number Christians who for whatever reason (I realise there are good and bad reasons for divorce) chose to leave their marriages – or were left by another. It started as a trickle, but soon it became a flood and we needed to accomodate a cultural shift so we went back and re-interpreted scripture so that these folks could be welcome within the church.

My understanding of how we see divorce now in church is that it is still considered wrong – at very least ‘not what God had hoped’, but that there is forgiveness and grace so we can move on and re-marry etc without carrying the ‘sinner’ stigma. Our growing acceptance of divorce has – funnily enough – seen a growth in its occurence…

Now church leaders who divorce can be back in positions of authority and influence within a matter of months and very few people bat an eyelid.

My point is not to debate the merits of our theology of divorce or our theology of homosexuality, but it is to observe the trend within western Christianity to accommodate the shifts in lifestyle practices with an accompanying shift in theological framing.

With the growth in both acceptance and practice of homosexuality especially among younger people I imagine it will be only a matter of time before something shifts and we a) welcome them into the church as practicing homosexuals rather than as ‘recovering homosexuals’ or defective second class Christians b) accept that if you’re part of the body then you are as eligible for leadership as anyone else c) see it as a dead issue

So with that in mind I predict that in 30 years time we will have homosexual leaders in most conservative evangelical churches and we will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Given the potential for mis-understanding and misinterpretation with most of what I have written above I am tempted to just think this but not say it…

But it is a really important issue ie. how we form theology, so I’d just ask that we ‘play nicely’ in the comments. My own view continues to be a conservative one, yet not without awareness of the complexity of the issue and our own duplicity as the church on issues like this.

And he hit ‘publish’…

The Weather Got Us…

We were scheduled to head down to Busso this weekend to do some more camping, but the onset of cold wet and windy weather meant everyone baled. Danelle has also been sick all week so it was going to be tricky for us anyway.

So Friday night we watched 2 DVDs – the Painted Veil and some other crap cop thing – and today has been a veg day. The local kids are here playing, I have been reading and hanging out and tomorrow is looking similar before heading to Melbourne on Monday for our Forge National Team meetings.

Its been a busy week and the next few look similar so a weekend of very little on is much welcomed!captivity download

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