These are the fantastic bunch of people I had the privilege to spend this weekend with. In 2002 a small group of them moved out of the local Church of Christ in the WA mining town of Kalgoorlie and reconceived of themselves as a house church network, seeking to travel light in regard to building and staffing and also looking to be flexible and open to God in their direction.

My brief over the weekend was to share some of the ideas that undergird a missional approach to church and to offer some tools to help the movement keep (or even re-ignite) a missional edge.

As with most things where a visiting speaker breezes into town and then breezes out, the proof of the pudding is in what happens next – what the people choose to do with the challenges presented. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with Peter and Carolyn and hearing more about the next leg of the journey for them.

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