3 Jobs – 1 Day

Some days its kinda crazy having three different jobs. Here’s how it looked today.

First up there was an hour long drive down the freeway to meet up with Dave, the National Director of YFC to discuss how Forge and YFC may better connect.

During the drive I made several work related calls to try and use the time well. I think I almost got a whole free hour from Telstra today!

From YFC it was off to do some coaching with a Baptist youth pastor now turned chaplain. I was stunned to discover that first year chaplains earn $31K… Can a bloke with a family live on that?…

Then it was a meeting of the developers and the community development company who oversee Brighton to discuss youth projects in our suburb. I have picked up a great role as the co-ordinator of a team of people concerned with strategic planning for youth development. Its the stuff we hope to do around here so I’m wrapped about that.

I got home at 4pm and spent another hour and a half on emailing and admin before having dinner with a few friends from the community.

And now… I’m watching the basketball… gonna be a late night.

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