A few weeks back I had some strong words

i can t think straight free download to say in regard to the Draft Covenant document for Baptist churches. My concern revolved around several issues, but primarily the imagination of church that undergirded the document and that was expressed by ’40 adult members’ being seen as the minimum number for admission to the denomination.

I wrote to the denominational leaders expressing my concerns, received a helpful letter in response and late last week the final document was released with the number 40 nowhere to be seen.

Hats off to the BUWA for listening to the people who responded and re-shaping the document appropriately. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who had issues here, but it is encouraging to see that the process was effective.

6 thoughts on “40

  1. Haven’t seen the final draft yet, but this was an issue raised by a number of us at one of the pastors forums. Thanks for adding your voice Hamo, I’m sure you brought a perspective we missed. And yay to the powers that be for listening.

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