7 Weeks

We are just 7 weeks off leaving for the ‘big lap’. It was going to be the ‘big lap’ (of Australia) plus the US, but with all the goings on in regards to $$$ we have had to delete that part of the trip. Such is life…

Suddenly the pressure to get things done rises as the time available to do it seems to decrease. In the last week we have had over $7K of bills with normal household bills as well as unexpected car expenses, so that has hit the budget quite hard!

We were going to place our house with a local agent to rent, but after looking at their fees and charges we realised that if they rent it at $500.00/wk they then take $230.00/wk to manage it. You have got to be kidding me… So we will run with self managing and drop the price to make it a little more than an unfurnished rental. $450.00/wk is still a heap better than what they are currently offering.

For some reason the phone has not rung this week with any retic work either… weird… so I am just enjoying some unplanned time off. I had hoped to go surfing today, but as usual there are no waves… .

We are in the final stages of our 6 mth trial with QCBC and I am guessing we will be talking about the future together. I am not sure my head is in the right space to make those kinds of decisions right now, but we’ll see what happens.

And as I write my lovely wife is taking my Patrol back to the auto electrician for the 5th time to get the air con looked at. She is going because if I have to go myself it would be a very tense conversation and not good for him or me. How difficult can it be to fix an air con?! After finally locating the leak in the evaporator and charging me $500.00 to fix it I drove home in what could barely be considered cool air let alone cold. It was a very cold air con, but now I might as well open the windows…

Anyway in th absence of an auto electrician to kill or waves to surf I will sit home and read NT Wright’s Surprised by Hope, a book I started 12 months ago and then put down without finishing. I am enjoying it and getting challenged by it especially where he compares compulsive western affluence and the refusal to solve 3rd world debt issues to slavery and nazism. Don’t hold back NT!! free on the waterfront beauty and the beast movie download download bella movie download meerkats the dvd battle creek breast enhancement

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5 thoughts on “7 Weeks

  1. Meant to say ages ago, but the comment got deleted… when you’re in Tassie it’s worth visiting Cradle Mountain, good walking trail there.

    Also, take a look at Strhan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strahan,_Tasmania

    Sarah Island is interesting, especially if you end up on the right trip. There’s also the play ‘The Ship that Never Was’ which you should try to catch if at all possible.

    Plus there’s the ABT railway, and….

    oh, just go and have a good time.

  2. Hey Bloke

    Make sure you check out the National park passes in each state, some aren’t much chop, but the South Oz one is brilliant. $50 for two months and camping is free in national parks for up to 5 nights at each spot, and they have some awesome parks with top faciltities. A must see is Mount Remarkable 40k’s south of Port Augusta.

  3. I know your frustration with aircon ‘fixes’ that aren’t. It is one of the most expensive and testing aspects of vehicle ownership. (So much so that when the aircon died in an old XF I used to have, I just took an angle grinder to the old condenser… no point having that getting in the way of a good radiator, I thought!)

    Ditto the rip-off that is getting some crew to manage your rental. My only suggestion would be to have a good friend come in an inspect the place once a month while you’re away, to be your eyes and ears, and to keep the tenants on track. The last thing you need is a rental nightmare while you’re trying to enjoy The Big Lap.

    Finally, NT Wright is a great author, eh? I’m not into the ‘New Perspective’ stuff (never could quite get my head around what that mob were trying to say), but Wright has written so much excellent and encouraging stuff. His popular-level Bible commentaries are pretty good, too.

  4. Can I grab NT after you are done with it?

    Also – can I grab your garden mulcher while you are on holidays…also, can you leave your wine cabinet with me to look after…hmmm what else can I scammmmmmmmm 🙂

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