7 Year Old Overheard


Ellie was the phone to Danelle last night.

“Mum – I’m living in a house of boys. Every time I go to the toilet the seat is up!”

Is this toilet seat thing genetic or what?…

She’s 7.

16 thoughts on “7 Year Old Overheard

  1. Yes, it’s a gender thing.

    HOWEVER – she’s also inherited your capacity for complex manual tasks.

    Teach her about hinges!


  2. apparently so…

    Question is, who is at fault? God for making us so men need it up and women need it down…or people for designing a toilet that has this problem?

  3. James, you have just escalated enormously in my estimations of you!

    Nice work!

    Silly to pay $$ for hinges if no-one’s gonna use them!

  4. I just wonder who it was that decided ‘down’ was the official position?

    My daughter is in need of a paradigm shift so she can see the world aright.

  5. Hamo,

    I agree. There seems to be some law in the cosmos that says the seat should be down. Must have been in the small print of creation.

  6. Living in the country is best – the “ladies” can have the toilet and their scented T-paper, us men, we go outside yes we do, we look and gaze at the stars and wonder, yes we wonder, “why is my sock wet?”

  7. It is not genetic, but learned. Operant Conditioning fixes the toilet seat problem: Attempting to sit on the seat when it is up will condition all users to check before seating themselves. If the females in the house want to “encourage” the males to remember to lower the seat, they should lift the seat after each use and eventually the males will learn how hinges work. This will also be a more equal division of responsibility.

  8. Once again Backyard Missionary deals with the big issues in life.

    Hinges can be overused and then a new one would need to be bought. So better to change the seat position only as necessary (this of course is someone who is married and has to put the seat down!)

  9. if facebook is to be believed, happy bday mate! May you be keeping that toilet seat up for many a year to come.

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