A Blissful Week Away

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Ok, so tomorrow morning we are off to Busselton for a week of holidays…

Anyone who lives around here will know that the next 7 days are known as ‘leavers’ or ‘schoolies’ week and we have managed to land our holiday smack bang in the middle of it!

Fortunately our accomodation doesn’t allow for any school leavers to be present, but no doubt the streets will be buzzing with pubescent teenagers…

I don’t begrudge people a good holiday after 12 years of being couped up in school, but I sure hope we can have a decent holiday too!

Maybe I will check the dates a little more carefully next year!shadow puppets dvdrip

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2 thoughts on “A Blissful Week Away

  1. I just came up from Dunsborough (Nippers was there today) and the roads are buzzing with police. And most of them look like Perth based police who are trying to justify their time here, so are pulling over (mostly) locals.

    It’s gunna be fun…

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