A Daring Adventure or Nothing

I sense I have I may have concerned a few of you with my questions. You may be wondering if I am struggling with what we are doing or maybe just lost.


download creepshow dvdrip Maybe not…

Either way I’m not feeling overly concerned. I don’t mean that flippantly or arrogantly. I think there is a time to push the questions harder and further and I presently need to do a bit of that. In fact if I don’t do that I will have just made noises about ‘rediscovering church and mission’ and not really done it at all.

That’d be a shame… and a sham.

I’m not about to make any rash decisions (yet) and may never make any rash decisions, but I am keen to keep pushing the boundaries on the questions. I don’t think I am finished asking questions and experimenting yet.

So stay tuned. I have asked these questions before but I was in a different place then myself. It seems that when you move your own position the questions change also.

Maybe we’ll be churning them thru in 3 years time again!


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