A First

We’re getting quite excited about moving house shortly.

There have been some stuff ups with the settlement process so we’re still not sure exactly what date it will be, but its getting closer… which is good because we’re ready. Hopefully we’re looking at June 24th, but someone hasn’t got their arse into gear with the detail so it may blow out beyond that.

I used to love moving house and in the first 6 years of our marriage we moved 7 times, but the last two moves have been for 7 & 8 years respectively.

What’s interesting about this one (for us) is that its the first time in our days of owning a home that we have moved just because we feel like we’d like to live somewhere. Every other time has been guided or driven by our call to mission and ministry. By that I mean previous moves have seen us locate to a suburb close to where we would be working as missionaries/church leaders, but this time while our roles haven’t changed, we felt like we wanted to live somewhere different.

I can’t say there has been any great sense of God at work, nor has there been any sense of him saying ‘whoa…’. (Actually I think most of life is like that – ‘I’ve given you a brain. Make a decision!’ Although there are clearly specific times when God’s voice overrides whatever the ‘brain’ might be saying.)

So this time we move because we like the look and feel of the suburb. We like the house. We’re ready for a change. But the ‘mission motivation’ isn’t primary. I don’t think that’s a problem because we are who we are wherever we are.

Having said that I was reflecting with a good mate yesterday on what it will look like for us to live in Yanchep. I was pondering what might transpire, especially if we aren’t trying to make it happen. We don’t go there with any intention of planting a church, or starting anything… but I know that sometimes in those times when you least expect it God shows up.

So we will be getting on with leading our community in Quinns, running a business, homeschooling, a bit or renovating and just enjoying discovering a new community of people. If God wants to crank something then of course we’re willing, but right now we’re happy just to live there and move for a different reason – for once!

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