A Generous Evangelical Orthodoxy?

We are all theologians. I learnt this when I was 18 off a bloke called Bob Plumb.

But… some of us are better read and more abreast of the wider issues than others. I am a ‘theologian’ in the same vein as I am a missionary. The term ‘backyard missionary describes not just a person doing mission in their own locality but in Oz the term ‘backyard’ refers to ‘hack’ or the ‘experimenter’ who makes it up on the run – but often seems to have a real nack for it – think ‘backyard mechanics’ who can fix anything with a bit of fence wire and spit.

Scot McKnight is not a backyard theologian. He is a professor and writer amongst other things and yesterday he began a series of posts on the emerging scene giving attention particularly to Brian McClaren’s stuff. Here are two quotes from his first post:

“Now, I want to make a claim about the Emerging Movement that undergirds everything Brian and many others are saying: the generous orthodoxy that is being called for is an evangelical generosity and orthodoxy. It is a generous evangelical orthodoxy.”em>

“Now I wish to make a proposal that changes the title of this post: the sort of evangelicalism the EM is striving for is anabaptist.”em>

At times I am embarassingly ignorant of things theological, church history etc so I need to do a bit of research to understand all that Scot says. (The beauty of a blog is that I only write about what I do actually know a little of – so at times I will look smarter than I really am.)

I have been reading Scott’s stuff for a while now and he has some great insights. (His series on conversion was excellent also.) Its not hard reading so all you backyard theologians like me – you can head on over and probably understand most of what he says! winnie the pooh a very merry pooh year free download

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