A Haircut and a Real Job

I love my job/s!

Today started with a coffee with Travis Fitch who is currently on an exciting journey exploring what mission means for him, then it was off to meet with some .acom coaches before doing some coaching myself with the newly engaged Jono Vose.

After meeting with Travis this morning I stopped in at a Leederville hairdresser to see what a haircut would cost… $53.00… Crikey!! What does $53.00 get you?… Its been a long time since I had a haircut. Is it really that much?

I have allowed my hair to grow back and now I am regretting it!

When I went to see Jono he was up for a haircut too so our coaching session happened over a $20.00 version down at Lakeside Joondalup. Not very blokey is it?… ‘Hey let’s grab a haircut…’ Even $20.00 sounds like a lot when I can run the clippers over it for nothing!

Anyway mission accomplished and day over.

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