A Question of Ethos

Here’s a serious and fairly critical question I am pondering about how leadership looks in a pioneering context.

Is the primary role of the pioneering leader to:

a) Act as a catalyst and empower others to engage in missional activity that is in line with their calling and gifting. This will mean that ‘less happens’ unless people get it happening, but it also means that what does happen will flow from the hearts of the people who initiate it.

b) To seek out and start up initiatives that others can be ‘envisioned for’ and get on board with. This allows a go-getter to ‘go get em’, but its failing is that the go-getter could finish up spinning all the plates himself if no one else gets excited about any of the projects. Or he could go the route of guilting people into ‘serving God’ to keep them going

I realise we do both, but if you had to pick a primary

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