A Way to Be Good Again?

I was hoping to see Atonement before writing my thoughts on ‘Kite Runner’, as it seems both films are centred on the same theme – that of making amends for wrongs done.

I really enjoyed the Kite Runner novel and the movie didn’t disappoint either. Its a great story of friendship, struggle and redemption. Little Hassan is a great character – gutsy, loyal and dogged – you really find it easy to like him. Amir is probably more like most of us – at times driven more by fear than any other motivation. In spite of his failings he is not a bad character at all, but he lives with the ongoing knowledge of what he did in his past and the consequences of his actions.


The phrase ‘there is a way to be good again’ recurred a few times through the film and without ruining it, the way to ‘be good again’ depicted by the author was that of making up for wrong done by doing right. It was good to see Amir develop courage and backbone as he sought to redeem himself.

I won’t write much more as it will spoil the film for those who haven’t been. Obviously from the perspective of Christian theology atonement is not about ‘redeeming ourselves’. However there is still the need for us to make up for wrongs done wherever we can without suggesting that this earns us favour with God.

I’d recommend the film!

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