Accepting Responsibility

If your business doesn’t go to plan then please don’t blame your customers. Accept responsibility for your own actions.

Perhaps you didn’t advertise well enough, perhaps your product was too expensive, perhaps you just really suck at what you were trying to do…

Recently a local business closed in our area – one that I used fairly frequently – one that I valued. I was disappointed to see it go and didn’t know why it had suddenly disappeared. I saw the ex manager today working in another business and asked the question, ‘So what happened? Why aren’t you guys still in business?’

She responded ‘because you guys didn’t support us.’

Wrong answer.

Pissweak answer.

Copout answer.

In fact it was an answer that had me livid. Who on earth blames their customers for their own failure?! I let her know, ‘oh so it was my fault that your business folded…’ (Because that is what she was saying)

She began to offer other reasons and excuses, some of which were no doubt valid, but the first response was to blame the customer – and one of the regular ones at that.

If your business fails then please take a look in the mirror and ask ‘what did I do that was wrong?’ Accept responsibility and don’t blame others for your own failures. It is very bad form and is unlikely to make them ever want to support any other business you may start in the future.

Ask the question – was it my price, my service, location, timing etc etc… but don’t blame the customer. They are unlikely to be impressed.

Rant over.

7 thoughts on “Accepting Responsibility

  1. I think churches should take responsibility.

    Pastors who dont do much

    members who are just in it for themselves

    and others who just fling mud from the sides without doing anything themself about it.

    God’s not the problem, so there is only one answer to who is.

  2. all true. bad service is no exscuse, neither is bad marketing ( look at MacDonalds) really poor product but good service and marketing)

    Now I want to see you post something on christian ethics in the workplace. not many try to address this biblically these days and those that do are rather flaky.

    Simon Thomas


  3. Have you ever read this verse in

    Colossians 3:8?

    “But now ye also put off all these;

    anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy

    communication out of your mouth.”

    Your language is not becoming of a

    christian, let alone a pastor of 20yrs!

    “But as he which hath called you is holy,,

    so be ye holy in all manner of

    conversation.” (1 Peter 15).

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