I am finding I am still very much adjusting to new ways of doing church gatherings.

Tonight was our regular weekly team meeting. Last week we were going to discuss our findings on leadership, but four people were away so we decided to wait until this week. Then this week another 4 people were away.

That’s life. People get sick, have work committments etc.

When there are 100 of you its no big deal, but when there are 11 of you it is very noticeable. We began with a time of corporate worship tonight and all thru it I felt myself disturbed that there were only 7 of us present.

I began to ask ‘Why?…Why does this disturb me?’

I think I was concerned because I wanted to get thru this leadership stuff and move on, but at this rate (and more than likely people will be sick next week too) it will take ages!! Then again… there really is no rush.

At the end of the worship time I asked the group ‘so what now?’

I figure if I’m ‘feeling it’, then I’m not the only one. Sure enough we were all feeling something of the strangeness of the situation.

We discussed how it is important to have as many people there as possible for significant identity forming discussions whereas ‘hang out’ nights are not so critical. In the end we agreed to collate the info from the discussion two weeks previous (not easy as even though there were notes two weeks dents the memory a bit!) and then have the ‘so what’ discussion next week.

On the one hand there’s no rush… but on the other, if we take that approach then we may never get thru this!

I think we are all learning what it means to function as a smaller group. While we’ve all been in ‘small groups’ this is different again.

I imagine Darren, Steve, Phil and Dan have all had experiences of a similar nature where the fragility of a smaller group becomes evident. Would love to hear your insights guys!

Learning, learning, learning…

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