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Yesterday was the best day we have had so far surfing at the Alkimos.

My brother and I headed up there for a couple of hours of glassy head high + waves, with only one other taker. It got pretty hairy at times trying to get the 8″8′ mal out thru the sets, but the real tricky bit came after two hours of surfing when the wind changed and the boat drifted into the impact zone.

We had anchored out to the right hand side in deep sand where waves don’t normally break. The anchor was not holding brilliantly which was ok while the wind was offshore – but when the wind turned onshore…

Well the boat started to drift in a little… and a little more! I looked up as I was paddling back out after wave to see the boat getting a little too close for comfort. I paddled over as fast as I could. (Its amazing the rush of energy you can get when you need it!)

As I got there a set was approaching and we were in its way. I hopped in and started to crank the motor.. the first swell hit before it was running, but we made it over the top… on the third attempt it started – just as I saw a wave breaking about 5 meters in front of us.

I made the decision to charge it and try and bust thru (dragging the anchor with me!) To try and turn aorund could have seen us get rolled.

I made it thru that one and over the next before there was a lull – whew!

The anchor is all bent out of shape as it got caught on a piece of reef while I was ‘charging’ at the waves.

Reminder to self – do not anchor on the right hander again when there is a decent swell and an onshore wind!

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