Agricultural Solutions

Some people laugh at my preference for old cars – but there is method in the madness

Yesterday while backing my boat into its parking bay, I inadvertently left the drivers door open and it caught on a tree branch, bending it out a little.

It meant that every time I opened it there was a loud crack as the door and front quarter panel clicked together.

Of course a panel beater is out of the question.

How then do you fix it?

I am grateful for a neighbour who is a farmer and who is familiar with ‘agricultural’ solutions to these problems. The general all purpose solution is usually ‘a bigger hammer’, but today it was a bigger screwdriver to wedge the damaged front panel back into shape.

Yes paint chips hit the ground. Yes door is still 5 ml out. Yes it does look a little rough. But this is a $4000.00 car so I don’t really give a toss!

Its also a 4WD and meant to look like its been given a hiding (which I can assure you it has) Just try that soultion on a new $70000.00 landcruiser…

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