All Friends Here… aren’t we?…

Today I got back from the .acom Personal Spiritual Formation retreat, 3 days of hanging out with some great people and listening to stories of how lives have been formed and shaped and sometimes broken. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to spending the year with the crew who are in my group.

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As well as Middo, I’ll be spending time with ex blogger ‘Roo’, one of my old youth group ‘kids’ JK, aboriginal pastor and leader HH and youth pastor RI. Its a real mixed bunch and looks like shaping up to be a fun group as well as a pretty honest group.

One rather traumatic moment was discovering that Scott, Alan and I all wear exactly the same underwear… So when all three of us decided to dry our jocks on the railing outside our chalet it became a raffle as to who owned what. In the end I took red, Al took blue and Scott took green. I sure hope that rash I’ve got isn’t contagious. Such is life when you go away with a bunch of blokes. My basketball trips to the Philippines in my 20’s saw me come back with many a strange piece of someone else’s underwear.

The 3 days basically consisted of story telling (everyone has 45 mins to an hour to tell their life story) and swimming and eating. It wasn’t a hard three days at all. I managed to get a surf in at The Spot, and last night we watched Tuesday’s with Morrie, a movie version of the book.

Anyway, its back to real life now!

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