All is Well With the World

DSC00442It was a great 4 days at Forge. We developed a genuine sense of community in the group, covered some serious ground in the emerging missional church stuff and gathered a bit of momentum for the next stage of the journey.

I feel really pleased with the result.

Today Alan and I met with a local entrepreneur who has agreed to support us significantly with real $$$$$, which will make next year a hell of a lot easier. That is a huge answer to prayer.

We also met with the Seventh Day Adventist pastors to share the Forge vision. They were a great bunch of guys who are definitely looking for answers and I reckon we might have started something good there. We had a Forge team meeting this afternoon to celebrate and reflect on the intensive before heading home for a nap. That’s how we are feeling… very weary…

Dinner was at the local Indian restaurant tonight and both of us are in for an early night.

Mission accomplished.

Yay God…

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