The Ongoing E-bay Laptop Saga and Incompetence in General

Am I Too Nice?

It might sound like a strange question… especially to those who know me.

I don’t think I have ever been described as ‘nice’, let alone ‘too nice’. A ‘complete bastard’ – yes. Too nice? Nope.

But here I am now 8 weeks after purchase and still no laptop. What kind of a moron advertises that the product will arrive in 1-6 days and then can’t deliver in 8 weeks?… (Yes – you do a detect a slight note of anger in my keyboard)

I have said all along that I actually believe the seller is genuine – and that a laptop is on its way… But its not showing up at my doorstep.

I will be in Melbourne at the end of next week and I am not going there with an exercise book and pen as work tools!…

Having tracked the seller down to this home address in Sydney I rang and emailed today and demanded a refund. He told me only had $1200.00 he could give me. I could take it and try and recoup the rest thru E-bay. (He also told me it was another purchasers cash… so I could screw some other poor bugger in the process)

As if…

Or he would send another one via Fed-ex and it would arrive early next week.

I must be a complete dick because I agreed to wait another week, subject to a tracking number being in my inbox immediately after it is sent…

If I am nothing else, I am bloody minded and obsessively persistent in nailing people who jerk me around like this. So I am not letting this one go. I will be after this guy with everything I’ve got if there is nothing on the table next week.

I am also still chasing the dropkicks at Connected hosting who (after 7 weeks) are yet to send me a login and password so I can upload a website.

They have taken my money and won’t return calls or emails and my letter of complaint to the manager two weeks ago has not received a response. The bad news for them is that I managed to track down the manager’s mobile phone number today… so unless he is up for me calling every single day I reckon I will get a result here shortly.

This kind of incompetence makes me really really mad, because it is so unnecessary.

It seems that in the last few weeks I have been on the receiving end of more incompetence than I can remember.

On Tuesday last week we drove the Falcon to Malaga to get LPG gas fitted. The day before we checked twice to make sure it was ok to drop it in. That morning the kids were sick but we drove the 40kms down there in rush hour to drop the car off… and the guy on duty reckoned he knew nothing about it… ‘Can’t do it this week mate’. He started to get narked at me. That wasn’t going to work with me at that moment.

‘I’ve just taken time off work, driven from Quinns Rock with two sick kids, so you just get it sorted and find out what went wrong because I am not driving this car home’. Sometimes people know when you mean it…

He got it sorted.

As it wasn’t his mistake (his boss booked it in and didn’t tell him) I told him he could keep the car till Friday rather than picking it up on Wednesday. I thought he would appreciate the extra time and he did. But come Friday when we had driven all the way down there and organised our day around it he told me that it might not be ready… We could come and wait – maybe thru till 5.30pm – or we could pick it up Saturday.

I let Danelle deal with it…

Is it just me or does anyone else encounter this kind of nonsense?

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  1. Hi, I am also having trouble finding a person to talk to at Connected Hosting. I have had support tickets cancelled and emails ignored. I had my site and domain through them. The domain has expired and they have told me to go register it somewhere else. Even though I registered it through them to start with. Any chance of getting that mobile number of the manager?

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