Amazing Meetings

My friend Rob Douglas has recently started a new blog that allows us to see the encounters Jesus had with different people thru the eyes of those who may have been there.

Its an imaginative and creative way of exploring the gospel stories as Rob ‘interviews’ those who were on the scene at the time. I got to know Rob during the time I was leading Forge in WA and his church were involved with our ‘re-imagine’ process. He’s got some great insights to share.

His ‘blogblurb’ reads:

Rob Douglas is a former journalist and pastor who now works as Mission Leader within the aged and community services sector in Western Australia. Rob believes that the greatest hope for humanity in the 21st century is to connect with Jesus Christ who began the movement we now know as Christianity, around 2000 year ago. In this blog, Rob imagines himself in the communities where Jesus was living and conducts interviews with people who have met Jesus or had some interaction with him. By learning more about Jesus, what he taught and how he lived, we have the opportunity to come to know him for ourselves and discover the Life that he embodied.

You can check out the blog here.

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