And then there were 3…

When we came to Brighton in 2004 we started with 5 core families of whom 4 are still here, but that is soon to become 3.

P & J are two great friends and have been a fantastic support to Danelle and I over the last 2 and a 1/2 years. We fully support them in their decision, but will miss them heaps. They also have two great ‘kids’ (if that’s what you call 19 & 21!) who live here, who were part of our youth ministry at LBC and who we will miss as well. One of the weaknesses of our current scenario is that it has been hard for them to connect in. Perhaps a move will enable them to re-locate to a church community where they have a few more peers.

Healthy teams need a variety of people and P & J were the rock solid, stable, unfaltering, faithful ones who don’t get fazed by change and who are able to bring calm to troubled seas. I think God knew what he was doing signing them up with this assignment, because we have had our fair share of ups and downs. They have also been wonderful in the way they have related to all of our kids and I know they will be missed by the little people as much as the big.

As we reflected on ‘what it all means’, and what the significance of the time here was, it was really encouraging to hear that for them this has been a life changing 3 1/2 years (from the first sense of call to this current moment) – a time of viewing life, church and mission from a completely different perspective, such that they do not want to return to the place they were in previously as loyal ‘church workers’.

If part of our mission at Upstream is that of helping Christians reframe their understanding of discipleship such that it is holistic and not compartmentalised then I am sure that is a great thing in itself.

As much as we are sad and will miss them deeply, I am concious that this is God’s show and he knows what he is doing.

I should add that over the last year we have also had two other fantastic families join the community, so we are not ‘left in the lurch’ by any stretch.

Its just sad to know we won’t see as much of them or have them hanging out with us.

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