And you Thought your Family Sucked?!

One of the challenges I have taken up this year is that of the ‘one year Bible’, reading the whole Bible thru in 12 months. It means a fair bit of reading each day and I’m not sure I’ll make it… but so far so good. I particularly like that I can read it online and make notes alongside in a word file as I sense God speaking. Although going from OT to NT to Psalms and then Proverbs is a bit tricky.

I’ve just been reading Genesis the last few days, about Jacob and Esau, the mum who loved Esau more and led him to him rip his brother off, the dad who got tricked, the family feud that followed and that brought years of anguish.

Then there was that jerk Laban who screwed Jacob over with Leah and then another 7 years of work before giving him Rachel. Laban is a nasty character all round only concerned with himself.

Then of course there’s the rape of Dinah followed by the slaughter of the Caananite men after they have all been under the knife and lobbed the ends of their willies. I like the clever way Jacob got them all laid up before finishing them off!

But its not a pretty story – the Bible is full of mess and crap and well… real life. If I were still a preacher I reckon I’d be firing up some thoughts on ‘life in a family’. There is plnety there!

So much crap happens in families that no one ever knows about and because they are family you can’t just dump and run.

Anyway… I’m not a preacher so I’ll just rant on here instead!

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