Anglicans – “Sunday is Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest!”

It seems we are not the only nutbags in the church!

Followng on the heels of the Brits, West Oz Anglicans are also considering some shifts in the way they do church. Here

is an abbreviated version of what appeared in the West Australian today.

The newspaper version says they are seeking to create a ‘voluntary’ church rather than a ‘hereditary’ church. and the administrator of the Diocese of Perth David Murray said he could “foresee a future where there would be no such thing as a traditional Sunday service.”

ang.jpg However it also says they are seeking to do new things to attract people to their services. What I keep seeing is that it is a humungous shift to move people away from being attractional to being genuinely incarnational.

Good on em for recognising that the ship is sinking and its time to get serious with new ideas.

By contrast the Roman Catholics are saying that ‘the sabbath’ is the day when church happens and if you don’t like it then too bad.

I get excited at smelling change in the wind – at this stage its just talk, but who knows what might happen. You don’t have to be a top notch social researcher to realise that people are no longer coming to church and that we need to radically re-calibrate what we are doing.

Time for good theology and common sense to replace tradition and control structures I’d say…

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