Another Scrap-booking Widower

Grendel has started another blog.

A man can’t have too many!

It is entitled ‘Scrap-book Widower’ and chronicles the agony of having a wife devoted to this weird and wonderful activity of scrapping. He is following on from this blog.

Danelle has been a scrapper for quite some time now. She did the whole consultant thing, but she just isn’t a saleswoman and never really did that well. She tends to give more stuff away than she sells! Apart from loving photography (and being pretty good at it) she got into it as a way of preserving and sharing stories – much like I do on here.

She does some great stuff and I am glad for her scrapping because if it were down to me the pics would never get out of the envelope the developer sends them home in! I have been struck by the emotion a good ‘page’ can evoke – these are memories well preserved.


And this is where it all goes pear shaped…

We moved into this house 3 years ago and I took the smallest room in the house (except for the toilet) to use as my study. I use it everyday and it is tiny.

Danelle has an office out the back in the kid’s play room which she uses for some scrapping and then recently she co-oopted the lounge room for more rest stop don t look back dvd scrapping. So now this ‘hobby’ is slowly taking over the house. She has two huge rooms for her hobby and I get a room the size of a walk in robe to work out of…

Somebody got conned!

Bloody scrappers!ghost town divx movie online

3 thoughts on “Another Scrap-booking Widower

  1. Yes, count me in as one of the brotherhood. In fact I reckon about half the married women in our Church are scrappers. It’s a conspiracy, I’m sure of it.

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