Another Shame File

Yesterday I was sitting have lunch with Mark Wilson at the new Mullaloo Beach Hotel and we were discussing how beautiful the ocean looked.

It seemed a crime not to be out there fishing or enjoying it in some way…

So I rang my mate Vawz, who I was catching up with the next day and suggested we have our ‘meeting’ on the water rather than at the cafe.

He was pretty gungho about the idea… that is until we got there and the ocean was a little rougher than we thought.

‘Take me in Hamo. I’m scared!’

‘Get over it you woose…’

‘Hamo I think I’m gonna do number 2’s in my pants if we don’t get in!’

‘Come on Vawz. This happened last time! When are you going to grow up.’

‘No Hamo I mean it. I wish I’d never come….’ (imagine wailing and sobbing)

‘Ok,ok… it’ll be alright little fella. Come on. Uncle Hamo will take you in and its all going to be ok’

So – that was that. Scared and terrified Vawz made his way in, clutching the boat teddy the whole way. We got there eventually, but from the smell in the car in the way home I think number 2’s caught up on him.

Sorry Christine…

For Vawz’s take on what happened you can read his blog. You make up your own mind…

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