Are We an Emerging Church?

I’ve go to confess a reticence to use this term as it would seem to mean so many things to so many people and often those things are quite disparate.

It also seems to be a tribal term which has the potential to discredit or antognise those not of an ’emerging’ mindset.

I don’t feel what we are doing is ’emerging’ in any kind of funky innovative way and yet it definitely does fit the parameters of the EC construct quite nicely.

My preferred way of framing what we are doing is quite simply as a ‘missionary team’. Will we develop an ’emerging church’?…

I don’t know.

And quite frankly that is not a key question.

Will we be effective missionaries developing indigenous faith communities? I sure hope so. Emerging or non emerging I really don’t care so long as we do what we say we are doing.bud abbott and lou costello in hit the ice dvd

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