Are your systems perfectly designed to give you the results you are now getting?

Tuesday morning is Danelle’s and my day for catching up, chatting and praying together. Today as we spoke about what we are doing in Brighton I mentioned to Danelle that old statement ‘your systems are perfectly designed to give you the results you are now getting’, as a way of explaining where we are at. Its a quote I often find helpful when it comes to analysing organisational performance.

Danelle’s response: ‘Bullshit!’

So you disagree honey?

‘Absolutely! Absolute bullshit! Where God is involved then that statement is not true at all.’

Danelle believes that when we are discussing issues that involve God’s presence and ability participate then the whole concept makes no sense…

What do you think?…

Get ready for feisty comment from my wife…

8 thoughts on “Are your systems perfectly designed to give you the results you are now getting?

  1. Hamo, when I said you could not post this conversation, which bit did you not understand???? And can I clarify a little. It did come out rather strong yes, however, I didn’t mean “absolutely”. I did agree, that this is a statement that is correct particularly in some settings, however it doesn’t allow for the situations we have no control over. And lets face it, we don’t have control over God and what he is doing. We just get to come along for the ride!

  2. hehe…I think I like you Danelle, any woman who says bullshit in response to something her husband says is alright in my book.

    It’s so interesting that you post this today Hamo (so don’t be too hard on him Danelle *grin*)because David and I had a very similar conversation last night when we were talking about Revolution, our future, etc.

    We spent some time going back and forth in the tension of God’s sovereignty in our community and being submissive to his will even if it doesn’t look like “success” but also making sure that we are obedient and put into Revolution what God is calling us to.

    In other words, Revolution doesn’t grow and die by our hands but we definitely have a role to play.

  3. Its worse than that….all men know that no matter what we say, the women have the real power.

    But she is right….How many churches and mission’s flourish and see God work in mighty ways when they have dyfunctional leaders and terrible systems. God is no respector of what we see as strengths.

  4. I think she is quite right too.

    She often has great insights that I wouldn’t have because we are wired so differently.

    I have another of her great insights to share, but that will have to wait for another time…

  5. He secretly likes a bit of ‘whoop ass’!! Might just go and have a chat about the ‘other insight’ … while he is physically stuffed from digging!

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