Aussie Seeking Adventure

Ok – its sounds like an ad in the personals, but its not!

This is for those in the UK and or US/Canada.

I am interested in seeing what is happening around the world in places where people are genuinely asking questions about what it means to do mission and church in new ways. I am interested in meeting the people doing it and talking with those who are really grappling with new expressions of missiology and ecclesiology. They don’t have to be ‘big names’ and more than likely they won’t be.

It’d probably mean living rough and spending a few $$ to make it happen, but my question is this:

If you had 2 or 3 weeks to spend simply meeting with key missionary practitioners from the northern hemisphere who / where would you prioritise meeting with / going to? (You can say yourself if you want to 🙂 )

Give me your top 3 or 4 northern hemispherians / centres of energy who you reckon it would be worth me hanging out with or going to.

I am not that interested in attending funky worship events.

I know enough to know that you don’t go to ‘see what someone is doing’ because most often it doesn’t look very spectacular and you don’t observe relationships developing!

But I am interested in doing some useful learning and making some good connections with people be they from small communities or large ones.

Fire away!

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