Australian Currency


You have to love a country that trades in liquid as much as it does in hard currency.

I did a job this week where I had some turf laid for a customer, but pulled up 17 square meters short… bugger… I obviously stuffed up the measuring.

It was going to be a messy and annoying exercise heading out to the turf farm today to get a small amount of lawn and then trying to get someone to compact it for me.

But the local developers just happened to be doing a huge job on the block next door and had 18 square meters of left overs – and a plate compactor to wack it with.

The cost to get hold of their left overs and wacker?… One carton. Deal!…brotherhood of blood dvd

5 thoughts on “Australian Currency

  1. Hamo – I’m thinking, what was the total area of the job? 17 square meters sounds a quite a lot, but then I guess if you are laying a footy field size area, then that’s only a little out, like the centre square.

  2. a great example of christian reciprocity if ever i’ve seen one!

    i’m new here, and i must say i’m enjoying my visit. i came via the open anabaptism article. good stuff, thanks for thinking and living it out.


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