Australian Girl Dolls

If you’ve ever tried to find a doll for your daughter (or son – I am not discriminating…) then you’d know that once you get beyond the ‘baby’ dolls it is straight to the slutty ‘bratz’ type of doll that makes me want to puke.

So a West Aussie woman – Helen Schofield – has come up with an idea that fills the gap and offers top quality dolls for the space in between.

Australian Girl Doll

is a much needed addition to the kids play scene and I reckon Helen has done a brilliant job creating them. Apart from the fact that they look good, I am impressed that someone has had the initiative to see a problem and actually set out to fix it. There’s no question that there has to be something other than ‘bratz’ for someone like my 7 year old Ellie, so now there is.

Well done Helen!

4 thoughts on “Australian Girl Dolls

  1. They may be wonderful, but I could have done with a warning that the website has music that plays when you open the page. My girlfriend caught me looking at the Australian Doll website – I couldn’t explain and make it sound convincing.

  2. My daughters (10 & 8) are very excited, as am I. Well done. I am very gratefull for these dolls as an alternative to what is currently available. My son’s too will benefit in seeing these dolls. Where do we get them from? Thank you again.

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