Back in Business at Quinns Baptist

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you’d know that back in October 2008 we were asked by a local Baptist church (Quinns Community Baptist) just km from our home if we would like to go and work with them offering leadership and direction to the group. We discussed this, presented our thoughts on a proposed future direction and were voted in unanimously by the church members for a trial period where we both had opportunity to get to know one another.

This ‘trial’ ended in April and proved to be much more contentious than either of us had imagined at the outset. When it was time to vote in July a small number of people were able to vote us out. Despite around 100 regulars in the church, only 40 were ‘members’ and 12 were enough to see us off. So ended one of the most bizarre and brief periods of conflict ridden ministry we have ever had. The direct missional focus was at odds with the desire by some to simply do business as usual and we were perceived by some to be lacking in godly character.

We didn’t know what it all meant, but we felt we had acted with integrity thru the time we were there and were quite puzzled by the issues that surfaced, and the way they played out.

Over the last 3 months there have been changes in that church and the 12 people who found us offensive have moved on. As you can imagine this is a story that doesn’t belong on a blog, but it has cleared the way for us to go back there.

On Monday night the church voted and this time it was again unanimous that we return there as leaders. So when we get back we will take up the task of helping QCBC become a missionary community, we will re-energise our work with Upstream and link it with Quinns in some way and I will also be off digging trenches several days a week with my business.

We are really looking forward to the challenge of helping an established church shape its identity as a missionary community and of seeing where it all leads.

Thanks to those who have walked the journey with us and had the courage to make some tough calls along the way.

17 thoughts on “Back in Business at Quinns Baptist

  1. Hamo

    This will be a great journey for you, Danelle & the kids. Our prayers are with you as you return, & re-enter life and this challenge with Quinns. Remember Gods voice is always amongst his people, our challenege as leaders is to call it out.

    I look forward to reading your adventures of remissionaliseing in the months to come.



    PS I need that curry recipie

  2. Hamo, that’s great news. And a great illustration of walking by faith – a way of life that sometimes means that we have to let go and walk away from the place/people we honestly believed God was calling us to…in order to discover, as we let go, that God gives it back – with interest.

    (But of course, what with your lacking godly character, what would you know about that?!)

  3. Hmmm… interesting. Starting to recall some of the comments made when you initially announced that the vote had gone ‘against you’ in July…

    Congratulations on your re- call.

  4. My wise wife wonders whether, if you had known all along that you were returning to Quinns, you would have spent the road-trip dreaming dreams and come back six months journey beyond where the church is at…a big gap to bridge even for those who have recalled you.

    You know, it makes you wonder: perhaps there is a God…?

  5. I agree Andrew that things are never cut and dried, and sometimes we do need to experience ‘displacement’, but I don’tthink it should be an ongoing experience otherwise we will likely lose heart and focus.

    And your wife is a wise woman indeed 🙂

  6. I would appreciate any wisdom you have as you return to this calling. I have been with my current community four years next January moving us to be a missional community. I have lived all of my life in a missional framework because of the people that led me to Christ a long time ago but I have found the last four years needed far more wisdom, understanding, wisdom, understanding, wisdom and understanding than I could have imagined. I am stunned by how much there is a lack of discipleship coming from the Gospel picture of Jesus influences the manner we understand discipleship. So please any wisdom would be gratefully, gratefully received.

  7. Gotta love God’s timing. It’ll be interesting to hear a bit more about the church when you get back, whether you see any changes since leaving for your travels.

  8. WOW, Hamo, Have followed this from the other side of the country. I really wondered where you guys were being led and what was next for you all. This sounds pretty exciting. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  9. Hmm it seems that it just doesn’t happen in my fellowhip where just the required no. can vote out a person because they don’t like them.

    Glad to hear that you are returning to your ministry.

  10. You wouldn’t be the first pastor to be inadvertently voted out, and then at a later vote end up staying. Crazy voting system. All the best.

  11. I wouldn’t vote for you either!!!

    I reckon, paper, sissors and rock would be a way better way to choose a Pastor – the one third rule, eh? – really means, the one third think they bloody rule!!! – what a stupid idea.

  12. Wow! Next time I have major drama’s, I’m heading off on a round Australia trip and maybe the same thing will happen!

    Get there quick before the 12 apostles return!!!

    Great news!

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