Back Into It

Well, three weeks of holiday was definitely enough!

I never thought I’d say that, but I am well and truly ready to get going on all that 2005 holds. I am used to taking two week breaks and not feeling like I have had enough rest. It seems week one is wind down, week two is enjoy and then suddenly its ‘crash bang’ back into it.

The extra week in a 3 week stint is good for winding down that extra bit so you actually want to get back into it.

"Getting back into it" looks a little different for me to most folks though. It means I stroll from the bedroom into my office and sit at the computer for a while catching up on the emails I have let slide for a few weeks.

One of my priorities for this week is some relfective time, looking at priorities and organisation for the year ahead.

Again this year I wear three ‘paid’ hats:

– Brighton mission team leader

– Forge WA Director

– Youth Ministry Coach for the Baptist churches

The challenge will be to keep immersed in the local community as the last two roles take me out of the community for periods. I have managed to offload 3 interstate trips this year and now only travel east 4 times. But with the odd country trip as a youth min coach I do still need to keep things in balance.

Anyway, its good to feel like I want to get back to work and get things rolling, so I might finish morning tea now and get back into it.

Some days its fun being your own boss 🙂

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