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We left Jabiru this morning and have arrived in Darwin where we are staying with Danelle’s cousins.

We had a great time in Kakadu, but didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked. We chose a waterhole to visit on the way in only to discover the road in was closed – too many crocs in the water apparently, and we skipped the 2 hr 4WD into Jim Jim Falls as we felt the kids would probably go nuts! Those were two of the places I would have particularly liked to see so that was a bit of a bummer.

We did get to Noorlangie Rock, Ubirr, the various visitors centres (which are brilliantly set up) and a couple of other minor spots. Kakadu enters the journal under the heading of ‘see it properly next time’. It really is a beautiful place and we didn’t do it justice, but that’s just how it will be on a pretty quick trip around.

We met a great couple from Switzerland who we shared some coffee, wine and conversation with. It was nice to catch up and share stories.

The Jabiru Caravan Park is really good, but still suffers a little from mosquitos. We sat outside at night and talked but unless you coated yourself in Rid you could expect to get well and truly munched. I hate spraying the stuff, but I hate mozzies more, so I had to put up with it.

If there was a place we loved it was the rocks at Ubirr, but the kids were both grumpy that day and complaining of the heat so it was hard to really relax and enjoy. Such is life with kids though…

So we are in Darwin and will be here for a few days up to a week depending on what we discover. I am ready for a decent pizza and we have some repairs to do on the camper so I will source the parts while I am here. And then there are the markets… Danelle is salivating at the thought of them and I will tag along dutifully and keep my naughty market thoughts to myself…

So Kakadu or Kakadont? I say ‘DO!’ but give it more time than we did and be prepared for mosquitos.cadillac man dvdrip download it s all about love download

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5 thoughts on “Back to City Life

  1. I see by your Facebook profile that you got ‘taken to the markets’ today.

    Better than being taken to the cleaners!

    Or is it kind of the same thing?

  2. Whilst in Darwin I can recommend:

    Mindil Beach Markets – (sorry)

    Have a walk/jog along the East Point Reserve bike path, past all the old WWII gun emplacements, some of the finest views in the World!

    Swim in Lake Alexander on your way out. Swim to the rope across the middle, sit on it and take in the beauty.

    check out Darwin Baptist Church – great people!

    The Museum is excellent!

    Get a cheap steak at the Trailer Boat club and watch the worlds best sunset across Fannie Bay

    Have a Paul’s Iced Coffee at the wharf and watch the dolphins play underneath you.

    Have a walk on Nightcliff Jetty and enjoy the views across to Mandorah

    Enjoy the daily edition of the NT News and all the hilarious stories, usually to do with crocs.

    I’m jealous!

  3. Yep, lived there and go back whenever I can, last there a few weeks ago for the Games.

    Some things I forgot:

    Sample some good English ales at Rourke’s Drift

    Picnic on the rocks at Fannie Bay and watch the sunset

    Check out Litchfiled National Parks attractions, beats Kakadu hands down, easy to get to by road, a short drive south from Darwin. Lots of camping spots. World class.

    Do some rock-diving at Florence Falls, Litchfield


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