We had an amazing holiday in Bangkok.

Some highlights…

– Spending time with Jeff & Tara. There are some people who just energise you with their presence. These guys are those kind of people. Just to hang with them was worth going there.

– The food. I love food… a little too much sometimes, and Thailand is a food lovers paradise. The first night we were there we went to a restaraunt that has been classified as Thailand’s best for the last 5 years. I think I was in heaven. Thai food… sensational!

Night Golf. Jeff and I went for a round at the Bangkok Golf Club, a beautiful course and what made it better was that after it being 5 years since I last hit a golf ball I managed a 107, with 49 on the back 9. That is my best score ever. Weird hey? Five years out and then I actually get a good score on a hard course with unfamiliar clubs… that’s golf. Of course if I decide to tak it up again back here I’ll never get under 120!

– Massages. All legit! For $6.00 you can get an hour long massage in many places in Bangkok. The ‘foot massage’ after 18 holes was great. The ‘Thai Massage’ after dinner was just plain scary. Lots of stretching and bending. I didn’t know my body could go in those directions.

– Drinks at Vertigo. Vertigo is a rooftop bar in Bangkok where you can get 360 degree views of the city. We went up there for the sunset one evening and it really gave you an appreciation for how huge this city is.

– Misho meet up. On Sunday night we hung out with a group of local missionaries who hang out at Jeff and Tara’s each week. They are mostly from the New Song church in LA and are doing some great work from the burbs to the slums. I recieved a paper from one of them on ‘New Buddhism’ a phrase that they use for Thai’s who become Jesus followers but who do not want to embrace all the cultural baggage of western christianity. Its great contextualisation stuff!

– Books. I read Affluenza on the plane on the way over. Brilliant and challenging. I was sitting next to a wealthy French woman on the way over who started the flight reading BRW and finished (after a long conversation) writing down the details of Afflenza so she could get it when she got home. I have about 250 pages of Shantaram left. It is a fantastic story, but so many characters make it a little hard to follow in places. The movie is coming!

And what did I buy?

Actually… nothing. Not a cracker.

Danelle had no problem making up for this failing on my part.

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