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A little while ago Danelle and I decided we would make 2009 a year when we take an extended break from the things we have been involved with over the last 6 or 7 years to rest, refresh and come back recharged.

I will be taking a year’s leave without pay from directing Forge WA, we will leave Upstream for the year and obviously as we travel my reticulation business will go into recess. The only ‘hat’ I will continue to wear is that Forge National Director. I get the impression that I shouldn’t let that one roll even while we take a break and because of the nature of our trip it will actually be well served to keep in the role.

The plans have shifted somewhat as we have schemed and dreamed. We began with the idea of a round the world trip starting in the US, heading to UK and then Spain, maybe the Philippines… Afghanistan… it got a tad hazy at the end.

The latest configuration is looking like doing the around Oz trip with camper-trailer, as well as hitting the US. We expect to head off after Easter next year (I will work my butt off digging trenches between Jan & April) and once we hit the east coast will do a ‘side trip’ to the US for a couple of months to visit friends over there before coming back and finishing a lap of Oz.

In one sense its early in the piece to be making plans and yet I am also quite conscious that if we don’t plan it will be a bit of a shambles!

So I have begun exploring camper-trailer v caravan questions, airfares to the US, free campsites around Oz, possible work opportunities along the way and all those kinds of things.

I imagine we will be gone from April thru to Oct/Nov depending on how many free campsites we find, how many kind friends put us up and how long the money lasts! Everything back here will be business as usual with Forge and Upstream but I’ll say more about that later.

So if you have any ‘travelling wisdom’ then feel free to add your two bobs worth.

17 thoughts on “Backyardmissionaries on the Road

  1. Yurt and Camel (Bactrian rather than Dromedary to be traditional with the Yurt) is highly recommended – particularly in the drier regions.

    As for free campsites – why not start a travelling blog and again fame and renown as you travel around – people will let you camp on their lawn for free just to be blogged about.

  2. I’m sure that there will be friends and blog readers all over the country who will be happy for you to park your van or trailer in their front yards.

    As for the travel … I’m no use to you there. I would suggest that you do the whole trip on bicycles and I don’t think that that’s really going to work for you.

    I still have a dream of doing a lap of Australia by bike when I retire.

  3. There is a book out called – a guide to priceless campsite and rest areas, that pretty well covers WA. I have found it very handy.

    The Book cost $10,000 but most of the campsites were free – nah just joking, it’s even got a bunch of mud maps.

    Anyway – in Albany – NO CHARGE!!!

  4. Just bought a camper ourselves and plan on seeing as much of Northern WA as we can while working in Karratha. I do suggest that you plan the trip pretty well to make the most of weather in certain parts Hamo.

  5. PS -when I said no charge – BUT – can you speak for us on the Sunday when you’re down? (only joking!!!), here’s the thing Hamo, my daughter is doing a TAFE coffee making course at TAFE, well, they don’t call it that – BUT – coffee should be pretty good at Boronia Ave, when you’re down!!!

  6. Reminds me of a TV series I watched when I was younger about a Christian family – parents, children, grand-mother – who traveled with their trailer around the US working odd jobs and spreading Christ love to whomever they came into contact with. There was always an illustrated truth in all the problems they encountered. Anybody know what show I’m talking about????

    Not too early to plan!

  7. Rod – no surprises there mate! If it were possible to ride a bike to the outer reaches of the universe I think you’d be doing it 🙂

    Ash – was chasing you this week – re working with a Clarkson High kid – discovered you’d moved!

    Mark – one of these days we will meet up again and I look forward to it. You’re a lucky bugger getting to live in Albany!

    Matt & Heather – hopefully we will be able to say g’day in person.

  8. Hi Hamo

    You don’t really know me – but we know lots of mutual people. Anyway I live on farm east of Esperance, backing onto national park. If you end up coming through Balladonia down to Esperance feel free to come and stay on the farm.

    Cheers, Kath.

  9. Thanks Kath – Esperance is one of my favourite places so just might take you up on it!

    Jon – we will be in Calif at some point – have to see if we can pull it off 🙂

  10. You’re welcome to stay with us! Of course…right now we don’t know where we’ll be in 2009! Right now, we’re in Irving, TX. But few people want to visit here! Ha ha.

  11. Western Montana doesn’t have an ugly spot in it. You’re welcome to stay with us and fish the Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and Blackfoot rivers, or just sit and enjoy the view from our back porch. I could go on about the fantastic opportunities to play in the back country, but just know that it would be worth the visit if you enjoy pristine wilderness. That, and I’d love to talk with you in person about parenting in ministry, missional living in the suburbs, and what makes a good cup of coffee. Enjoy your trip, wherever you go.

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