“Baptist Preaching Sinks to New Low”

Come on admit it… you didn’t think it was possible!

No, its not a video of me from last Sunday, but it is both funny and disturbing. It’s a YouTube of an independent Baptist, KJV-Only preacher who is speaking about the text that uses the phrase ”him that pisseth against the wall.”

So here it is, from him that pisseth himself laughing…


24 thoughts on ““Baptist Preaching Sinks to New Low”

  1. I’ll be asking our pastor to remove the toilet cubicles from our Mens (not Male, Mens) toilets. I don’t want our church to be responsible for someone forgetting what it is to be a man and pee sitting down!

  2. I had to show this to my husband. He asked that you draw a yellow stream going from you mid-section in an arc to the ocean in your top left photo to assure us all that you really are a man.

    Thanks for the laugh – God help us.

  3. I haven’t seen this yet (can’t view video content at work) but I can guess the topic – if you sit down to pee you are not a man?

    Hmmmmm gotta be somewhere in the bible that forbids it surely.

  4. This guy’s ability to interpret scripture is uncanny. I love the way that he uses one line of text from the scriptures to demonstrate that the KJV is the only version we should use. Priceless. 🙂

  5. And yea shall his fellow ‘men’ pisseth in his pocket.

    They that definest a man by how he pisseth, surely are they the poorest of men for their penis doth become their all.

  6. I was just reminded of:

    Exodus 20:26

    Which says:

    And do not go up to my altar on steps, lest your nakedness be exposed on it.

    Which is even funnier when you read the verse before it:

    If you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it.

  7. I’d hate to be a janitor at his church. Are you sure this isn’t an episode of “American Dad”?

    God bless YouTube and God bless America where men have the freedom to pee standing up. *salutes with tear in eye*

  8. I liked the implied “Germans are all damned because they pee sitting down” Except it wasn’t implied so much as stated outright.

  9. All six times the phrase meaning “one who urinates against the wall” occur from 1 Samuel to 2 King (yes, this post prompted a word study). And all six times refer to a violent death to all male members of a king’s household.

    Is this OT phrase the origins of “taking the piss out of someone”?

  10. Perhaps it was a misinterpretation – Maybe God was tired of sticky, stinky palace and temple walls and wished people to stop pissing while standing up.

  11. he did not want to go to bible college because at places like that they tell lies about the multiple innacuracies of the KJV….Dont you know that Paul wrote in King James English???

  12. Do you remember that class at bible college hamo when you pointed out the verse saying that “we are to show no mercy to the woman who grabs a man’s private parts during a fight”? I think it was a History of Christ lecture. You are the reason I couldn’t pay attention and only lasted a year!!!

  13. Excellent! An absolute classic, though as you rightly say, both hilarious and truly scary at the same time. You have rendered a geat service to the Church in drawing this to our attention!

    Unfortunately I will never be able to use the phrase about someone ‘being in good standing in their church’ again without thinking of this dear Pastor….

  14. This guy reminds me of Job.

    I’m sure God is bragging in the heavenlies about this guy being bold and ‘upright’ as well.

    Job must have been some man.

    This guy will be entertaining in heaven though. He can teach us how to stand up and rain down golden blessings upon the earth.

    Even his wife didn’t even get away from this. She’s German. How do you think she feels?

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