Barn Hill Station Stay

Located 130km south of Broome right on the coast, we had heard this place was pretty nice and allocated 5 days of our trip to staying here.

We weren’t sure quite what to expect, but it has certainly been a winner. The campsite is located 10km down a dirt track and is easily accessible by 2WD. The powered sites are situated among big shady trees and the unpowered are on the other side along the ‘cliff’ edge. For a family of 4 it costs us $38.00/night, but it is $24.00/ night for a couple.

You get power, water and a heap of space to spread out in. The beach is just a 200m walk and it is sensational. It is white sand over red rock and because of the wave action the beach is littered with quite beautiful rocks and shells. The water is warm and we have been really enjoying our time here.

There were a couple of other families here during our stay as well as the first wave of ‘grey nomads’ (an Aussie term for the retirees who make the annual sojourn north during the winter months). I was a tad worried that 5 days in the same spot with nothing to do or see might drive me crazy, but the time has flown and we have loved it here.

It seems the day starts off quite cool as there is a nice breeze during the night (I slept with the doona over me) then it warms up rapidly and the wind has been blowing strong the last few days thru to lunchtime. As I sit here and write this (Thursday) it is blowing at maybe 25knts and making it pretty unpleasant, but most days have been better than this. It does get very hot through the day until about 4pm when the shade increases and the sun loses some of its intensity. The evenings are beautiful and the mossies are minimal.

It seems there is a regular crew who come here for a few months at a time and a little community has formed among them. If you are a retiree and looking for a different experience of community then this could be a great adventure. Bring your dinghy and some fishing nouse and you’d be set. It’s a dog friendly place so you can even bring your mutt if you are so inclined.

We did consider coming back here for another week after going to Broome as we are about to enter crocodile country and swimming venues might be a little more restricted, but knowing there is still plenty to see we thought we would just press on.

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