Beautiful Food.. Shame about the coffee

I spoke this morning at Maida Vale Baptist church and then afterwards headed up the hill to have a quick coffee and cake at one of my favourite cafes…

Well, it was a favourite.

These guys are gold plate winners and create the most amazing cakes I have ever come across. Their food is up there with the best, so I was keen to make good use of the long drive out that way by tucking in to some of their stuff.

I chose a strawberry mango thingy, which was sensational, but the flat white it came with was probably a 2/10 at best.

Such a shame, because the cafe and everything about it oozes brilliance, but the coffee is of a totally different quality.

I won’t name them because the owner has been very good to us in the past and I wouldn’t want to harm her business. Truth be told its the case in 90% of places.

Great food… crap coffee…

Or maybe I’m just a fussy bugger.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Food.. Shame about the coffee

  1. I know where you’re talking about and I completely agree! 12 months ago I would’ve said the coffee was one of the best in Perth, well at least as far as a latte goes but my last few experiences have been well below average.

    But, there is still the chance you are a fussy bugger!

  2. It’s the common story. I’ve been too many cafes around the place that have a fantastic ambience, great menu, fun staff, but coffee that makes you wanna turn to tea. I so often want to give feedback but don’t know how to give it or how it will be received, especially since 95% of their other customers wouldn’t think there is anything wrong with the coffee.

  3. Could you send me the cafe to my email privately? I live in the area. I would like to go for the cakes, and I drink tea.


  4. Welcome to the third world. I was chatting with my friend the other day, and he wa taking Starbucks beans with him to North Africa from America. The best beans available there are shipped for export, and what is left for domestic consumption is low grade, bad coffee. Sorry you had a bad experience with your coffee. Thank God you can actually have a good one.

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