Because They’re Mine

ElliieWilliamsIts quite bizarre to me just how ‘taken’ I am with my kids.

Prior to having children I had no great desire to be a dad, and I wasn’t overly enamoured with anyone else’s kids either. Children just weren’t something that captured my heart in any way.

Then Ellie came along.

I don’t know what happened, but all that changed almost instantly. Even on the week of the birth when people would ask me if I was excited I was fibbing ‘yeh can’t wait…’ (actually wasn’t really thinking about it!)

Then she was born. Kabooom! My world changed.

Instant adoration!

I was at Kings Park today with our family and some of Danelle’s tribe and the kids were playing on the playground. Ellie strolled off on her own as she often does and played alone. I spent maybe 15 minutes watching this little girl exploring her world and interacting with other kids she didn’t know. I saw her pushing herself to try new things, I saw her negotiating with with other kids, I saw her weighing up right and wrong. It was fun to watch.

In it all I was aware of how much I love her and how taken I am with her.

Who’d have thought it!?

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