Because You Just Don’t Know

You just never know 

If this is


The last embrace 

The final moment of shared joy

A simple hug in the kitchen

Before you hit the road

‘Love you dad’

‘Love you mate.’

Chests bump, hands slap


But then

The news

That something has gone wrong 

That he won’t be coming home


The utterly unimaginable has happened 

So this evening you hold her a little longer

A treasured moment of deep gratitude 

For the life you share 

Revelling in the simple pleasure of fatherhood 

For a little longer

Because you just don’t know 

7 thoughts on “Because You Just Don’t Know

  1. I’ve had a few of those moments, and I count it a gift these days – never a day goes by I don’t think about that line in the Sunscreen Song, “4pm on some idle Tuesday.”

    Your writing is a gift, brother. Keep bearing your heart. Your vulnerable endurance is an inspiration.

  2. Hello, I am praying for you. Please let me know how you can go on. My husband and I recently received that phone call as well. My 39-year-old son committed suicide. It has changed my life forever. He had 4 children. ( triples 6 years old, and another son age 12). They have a very uncertain future, I am a Christian. I am suggesting. Other Christian friends advise and try to help, however often it is hurtful. Please let me know how you are getting through this very dark journey.

    • Hi – It is a day at a time and holding to the conviction that God is good in spite of all that happens to us. So sorry to hear your story.

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